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Report A Sighting

Thank you for your interest in reporting a sighting of an Ivory Billed Woodpecker. Feel confident that your name, contact information, nor the details of this account will be released without your permission. It is important that you provide accurate information about your experience. We will respond to you with any questions. Bold items are required.

Last Name
First Name
Street (cont.)
Zip Code
Date of Observation (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time of Day
Weather Conditions
Location Description or Name
County of Observation
Nearest City
State of Observation
GPS Coordinates
Nearest Major Roads
Directions to parking areas or information about how to access this area?
Is the location private property or public land? Please give owner information here if you have it.
Are there any photos, videos, sound recording or any other evidence to help us verify your sighting? Please give us details. You will be provided an email address after you submit this form explaining how to email or mail your field notes, tapes, photos, etc.
Give us a detailed account of what you saw, heard, experienced, how many people saw it, etc.